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Surfing at Hubbard Creek

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Port Orford bay is a sweeping, south-facing cove surrounded by dense woods, rivers and lakes. It has two good surfing spots, especially when the northwesterlies are blowing:

Hubbard Creek: Coming from the south along Hwy 101, is mellow Hubbard Creek, a small beach covered with sand dunes and pine trees with rocks to the south. It’s a scenic spot that’s particularly good in the spring.

Check out two articles about surfing at Hubbard Creek: Where's the Beach, Dude and Oregon Live. They're very cool.

Photo surfer heading into surf
Battle Rock surfer

Just north on the highway lies south-facing Battle Rock Park, best ridden during giant winter swell and stiff north wind. For what it lacks in quality waves, Battle Rock offers a postcard view of the offshore sea stacks to the south, along with Humbug Mountain.

Photo surfer heading into shore
Port Orford Bay surfing

You can rent equipment at nearby Floras Lake, famous for its wild coast winds, and you’ll need to counter cold water with a tight-seamed wetsuit.


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