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Photos throughout the site courtesy of Rockne Berg, Susan Brown, Dean Duarte, Milt Finch, Emily Francona, Rick Francona, Russ Gibson, Karen Hansen, Chris Hawthorne, Lois Miller, Alan Mitchell, Brian Morrow, Cheryl Morse, Lance Nix, Gordon Pierce, Donna Smith, Stephen Thompson, John Truesdell and Randy Scholten.. Special thanks also to Alan Mitchell for his Battle Rock Beach Webcam, David Mott for his Wind, Weather & Tide Info, and Jim Robinson for his pro bono City logo. With gratitude.

Port Orford is unexpected. Quirky. Independent. Authentic character…and characters.

Where the forests and the mountains meet the crashing seas, it’s a town as remarkable for what it has as well as what it doesn’t.

You’ll find amazing natural beauty. Fresh, clean air. Unbeaten paths and clear vistas as far as the eye can see. No strip malls. No fast food. No crowds.

Lots to see and do and perfectly located to explore Oregon’s spectacular south coast.

Enjoy yourself. Naturally.

Seek Out Adventure in Port Orford! A great article about all the cool things here by Travel Oregon. Click to read it.

Read about the new Wild Rivers Coast Designated Scenic Bikeway that begins and ends in Port Orford!

Photo WildRivers Coast Designated Scenic Bikeway by ocean

More about our outstanding bike trail in "Best Places to Travel This Fall"


Photo Visitor Center
Port Orford Visitor Center
Stop by our Visitor Center in Battle Rock Park to learn more about our cool little town. Friendly volunteers will answer all your questions and help you figure out what you'd like
to see and do here.
Photo of mosaic Overlook of Port Orford Bay and Humbug Mountain
Mosaic by Cheryl Morse at the Overlook above the Port at Port Orford Bay

Mike's Road Trip logo Mike's Road Trip is one of the most popular travel blogs in the US, and he created a video about his visit here.

Read how Port Orford got its fish back!

Download a map of Port Orford Trails...a great way to enjoy our town.

Read "A bucket-list scramble along the coast. The Elk River has it all..."

New York Times, July 12, 09
(click to link to the whole story.)
"And then, around a bend in the road, buildings and trees fell away and we were standing at the continent’s edge, before a vast azure bowl of mountain, sea and sky.

"Imagine the shabby picturesque waterfront of an outer Maine island fused onto the topographic drama of Big Sur: that’s Port Orford. There’s a salty, dreamy, small-town vibe to the place; every street ends in blue sea framed by huge dark green humps of land; and, as we discovered when the sun came blazing up over the Coast Range the next morning, dazzling white light saturates the whole composition. Somehow the town’s stark beauty was all the more exhilarating because we had arrived under our own steam."

This is a pro bono community site, a companion site to the City of Port Orford, designed to include everything visitors – and residents – can do and see around our cool little town. It will always be a work in progress, exploring the latest and greatest around here. Help us keep the site current. Send photos and comments, interesting information about history, legends, stories, myths. And, tell us what's happening for the Calendar of Events. (Email us)
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