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If you like to visit small towns that still feel like a small town...

…where the shops and restaurants are owned by people who smile as you walk in…where you can enjoy beaches, forests, rivers without elbowing your way through a crush of tourists…where you don’t have to stand in line anywhere and a traffic jam is two cars waiting to turn left…

…you’ll enjoy Port Orford. A place that feels a lot like Big Sur about 20 years ago.

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Port Orford is very artistic, with eight art galleries owned and operated by local artists, it’s also a working fishing town with one of two dolly docks in the US.  You'll enjoy a diverse collection of historical and naturally beautiful sites and attractions, as well as all sorts of fun options for recreational activities. Download a pdf of Port Orford's cool trail system to explore our town up close and personal.

It's about 60 miles north of the California border, halfway between Gold Beach and Bandon, and the most westerly town in the 48 states.

Think of all that fresh air, just waiting for you.



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