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With Port Orford's famous winds, hang gliding, windsurfing and kite surfing are very popular here. And on non-windy days, our calm bay and lakes are great for kayaking.

You can rent kayaks and wind surfing gear through Floras Lake Windsurfing. You can also get lessons on wind surfing and kite surfing. They’re about 15 min north of here. Call 541.348.9912 to discuss availability.

Kayaking: They have 5 ocean kayaks for rent, including small, medium and large.  The rates are $15/hour, $30/3 hours and $45/day.

Windsurfing: Longboard/shortboard & rig (sail,boom,mast): $ 20/1 hour (minimum charge), $ 40/3 hours, $ 50/4 hours or more

Longboards/shortboards only: $ 15/1 hour (minimum charge), $ 35/3 hours, $ 45/4 hours or more. Sail rigs only: $15/1 hour (minimum charge), $35/3 hours, $45/4 hours or more.

Wetsuit and booties: $5/hour, $15/day. No charge for wetsuits with equipment rental

Windsurfing lessons include use of equipment: Beginner $60/3hours. Beginner II*, Intermediate*, Intermediate II*, Advanced* and Advanced II* are all $65/3 hours.

*If you have your own equipment, deduct $25 from lesson price.

Kitesurfing (no rentals outside of lessons available) lessons: Kite I, $50/2 hours (includes instruction and drills on dry land). Kite II and III, $95/hour in water. Phone in advance to discuss.

Guided Paddling & Fishing Tours

South Coast Tours offers fully equipped 2.5 hour and 4.5 hour 4 person trips in both freshwater and in the Pacific ocean when nature allows. There are many lakes and rivers to choose from around Port Orford, including Oregon's first marine reserve and protected area at Redfish Rocks Marine Research Reserve and Protected Area near Humbug Mountain just south of Port Orford.

Read about Southern Oregon Wind Riders.


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