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One of the most satisfying things during a vacation is to explore the unusual things in the area...the kind of things that are totally unique to that town.

For a very small town, Port Orford has a few very cool sites to see, as well as a couple of very big mysteries.

Download a pdf of Port Orford's cool trail system to explore our town up close and personal.

Old City Jail
by Becky Flake

"Over the years our little jailhouse has become a popular landmark. Built in 1936 during the timber boom days in Port Orford and condemned in 1965, it has since been left to nature's artistic hand.

"Now it stands dressed with ivy hair, crying crusty tears, inviting us to take one more snapshot. I doubt if it every held more than the drunk and disorderly or a few overnight vagrants.

Photo old Port Orford jail(#7 on the City Map)

"One jailbreak was reported in the 50's, when the little jail's hospitality was extended to a logger. His friends backed a log truck up to te jail, wrapped chains around the window bars and  yanked them out. However, he was found not guilty as Port Orford had no statute forbidding jailbreaks at the time of his trial."

The Fishermen's Memorial

This is a permanent tribute, honoring those who died at sea from our port. The lighted memorial area contains a ship's wheel, comfortable benches and a monument with the names of those whom we will not forget. The area is framed with bricks donated by members of the community and friends of the port, engraved with the names of the donors.

This beautiful memorial took four years to create. Begun in 1996 by the Port Orford Women's Fishery Network - 'fishermen's wives' as they are known - with a combination of volunteer help from the Fishermen's Association, funds from tuna Bar-B-Q's, sales of donor bricks and a grant from the city in 1999.

It was dedicated in 2000, and is the site of the annual Blessing of the Fleet in August, a stirring event remembering those lost at sea and offering heartfelt prayers for our fishermen today.

Homes made from a shipwreck and from a Sears & Roebuck catalogue

Check out a home built entirely from a shipwreck, or a Sears & Roebuck kit home of the 20's.

Lost Soldier’s Gold Mine

Read about the legendary Lost Soldier Gold Mine, a mystery that dates back to the 1850's.

Lost Meteorite

Another legend, this time from 1860, about the Port Orford Meteorite, a 22,000 lb. meteorite supposedly resting near the Oregon coast in the Siskiyou National Forest. Treasure hunters and hikers still seach for this.

Japanese bomb sites

A story from our recent past: There are two sites in the continental U.S. that have been bombed by a foreign country. During World War II, a Japanese pilot dropped an incendiary bomb near Brookings, on hour south. Three weeks later, the plane dropped incendiary bombs near Port Orford. Neither bombing caused significant damage.


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