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Port Orford. Natural Wonders.

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Here, the great outdoors is truly, awesomely great. It's unspoiled, undeveloped, clean...natural. And best of all, it's uncrowded.  Port Orford is far from any major population area, so we don't get casual crowds.  When people come here, it's because they want to.

In town, they come for river and ocean fishing, hiking, surfing, whale watching, skate boarding and world-class birding.  Nearby, they come for more fishing, horseback riding, jet boats up the Rogue River and rafting down it.  They come for ocean tours, ocean and lake kayaking, windsurfing and kiteboarding, as well as guided paddling and fishing tours of the ocean, lakes and rivers. The redwoods, sand dunes, vineyards and some glorious gardens are easy day trips from here.  And let's not forget golf.  A championship course an hour to the south of us in the redwoods, and arguably the finest public golf course half an hour north.

We even have an OSU Field Station to support research at the nearby Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, provising space for experiments and classes, as well as a fill station for scuba tanks!

So, when we say people come here because they really want to...with everything we have to do here, who wouldn't?


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